Drum Set with Dolf Sneijers

Drum Set with Dolf Sneijers

Dolf Sneijers is an educator and active profesional musician with extensive international experience.

Dolf was born in The Netherlands, but raised in Portugal where his musical journey began. He studied with several experienced musicians and teachers at a young age and joined several local bands.  He then began teaching private lessons him self. 

He completed his studies at The Collective School of Music in NYC, where he experienced a important musical growth over two and half years. Dolf graduated from the Two Year Diploma Program and the Jazz / Groove Elective Intensive Program.

While exploring the New York City  music scene, he had the privilege to meet and play with musicians at the highest level.

Dolf decided to return to Europe and move to Berlin, where he resided for five years teaching drums at "Tomatenklang" and "Jazzschule Berlin" while actively playing for various bands, which encompassed the city’s versatile range of musical styles. 

In September of 2017, Dolf decided to come to Spain and establish The Drum School - Sevilla, with musical diversity as its focus. 

He has created  a specialized institution for the Drum Set. Here, he and his fellow teachers wish to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

Dolf has been, and still is, actively part of various projects which move him between distinct music genres and combinations of musical styles. He continues to work in the studio, perform live with several bands, theater projects and orchestras.


" I believe an excellent teacher must have Knowledge, Patience, Performance Experience, a Commitment to learning and a Love of teaching. He or She must also be Honest, Organized, Caring, Enthusiastic, Creative, and Inspiring to their students. Dolf has all these qualities. I highly recommend studying with him at The Drum School - Sevilla. "

Michael Lauren
Professor Adjunto ESMAE Porto Portugal. Founding member Drummers Collective NYC.

" I was lucky enough to have Dolf study with me at The Collective School of Music in NYC both before he entered our program and while he was involved as a full-time student a few years ago. While in school, he displayed a great amount of knowledge, skill and talent with all styles & techniques of a modern working drummer. Now, as an instructor & owner of a drum institution, I have no doubt his talents & great attitude will inspire many students for years to come! "

Jason Gianni
Drummer, educator and author.

" I have known Dolf for many years. He is a good and versatile drummer, able to master any style of modern music. If you want to learn this instrument in a serious and professional way he is definitely your best choice! " 

Zé Eduardo 
Jazz bassist and educator.


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