About us

About us

The Drum School Sevilla is a music school absolutely dedicated to the Acoustic Drumset and Percussion.

We are proud to be part of a world-wide drumming community with the goal of sharing our musical knowledge while teaching children and adults in a fun, innovative and unforgettable way.
Playing drums is an impacting experience. Studies show that drummers are more intelligent than other people and that drumming enhances our brain's capacity on many levels. It's definitely a creative way to relieve tension and stress. Drumming makes you focus on the present moment and at the same time it can be a magical experience while playing by yourself, with our favorite recordings or with other musicians.

At The Drum School - Sevilla we pursue a rich and educational environment equipped with real instruments, books, DVD's and lots of music for the curious.

We offer individual and group drumset lessons. Percussion groups and Drum Circles. We also have Intensive Programs and Master Classes.


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